Ginny O'Brien

My art finds its origin in the inherent, organic, and muscular forces occurring in the natural world, and within my compositions I solidify my impressions. The process I engage in is crucial to my art making experience. The making of my work provides a space to create and make visible what I perceive as real or felt and occurrences that reflect moments past and present. Central to my work is expressive communion with place, whether a place nearby to look at ponds at a nature preserve blanketed with pink water lilies, or on that rare occasion I travel far distances and later recall that place near a mountain plateau in Peru or walking the city streets of Coimbra, Portugal.

I choose from a variety of materials to work with that may include leaves and rose petals, torn paper and photographs, markers and acrylic paint, or layers of cloth I have previously painted on. Color is a dominant element I use as a textural force to shape form making imagery both whimsical and dramatic. Just prior to completion I use gel medium, a glue-like transparent substance, as a stabilizing protective medium by applying it on top of and across the surface of my work.

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